Friday, May 25, 2012

1o Differences

Emersion into a foreign environment is both jarring and exciting.  This project focuses on the differences I have observed between home and Buenos Aires.

French, Spanish and Italian design have inspired much of the architecture in this city.  From the ornate stone-work on the building to the intricacy of the sidewalk, there is an elegance that can be found int the most common of places.

 The view from a café window shows the color and various layers of space.                Unused space in the city often becomes overgrown and the cement and stone are slowly engulfed by trees and vines.  An old weathered charm is juxtaposed by modern advertisements.

Green plants permeate buildings and become part of the structure.  For one of the largest cities in America, a very urban environment, there is an abundance of horticulture.


 Charming and slick leaves layer the sidewalk in the late afternoon during this season, which is just one more testament of nature growing through the city.  Motorcycles and Mopeds are parked on the sidewalk and are ridden by a majority of inhabitants.
                                                                   The graffiti plasters the barrio of Polermo, a hip atmosphere where this park and monument are located.  The color saturates the city and emphasizes the diverse layers of Buenos Aires.  The contrast of the tag and this monument mimic the contrasting styles of buildings in the background.  The modern grey building right next to the decorative stone building with the arched windows right next to it.  This city's architectural design is just as eclectic as its inhabitants and history.

Exotic trees with external roots protruding pepper this town just as friendly stray dogs do.  Sitting in the park, a dog without a collar came and sat down with us.  It's easy to make friends here.   Things are more relaxed in La Boca where colorful buildings line the streets and dogs peak out from underneath restaurant tables.

 Special stopping lanes for motorcycles? Something I think the states could definitely use more of.  Due to the massive amount of two wheel traffic, this city invites motorcycles and mopeds to get in front of traffic at lights and accelerate quickly to avoid traffic.

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