Saturday, June 16, 2012

Salta Through Different Eyes

Everyone experiences a place slightly differently.  I was looking at the same things as everybody else; however, the way I took in Salta and interpreted the things I saw was different than the way others may have interpreted those same things.  This project focuses on the individuality of new experiences and interestingly, it bridges the perspective of two different people.  The purpose of this project was to extract us from our conventional way of looking.  I paired with another student on this trip and we each set out in the city looking to take an interesting photograph, then we met and exchanged our images.  We went back out to photograph again; but this time, we were looking for the subject matter that the other shot.  My partner took this photograph:
The photograph shows an ornate gate and a black and white checkered floor.  This is an exterior image, the light on the gate and the shadows across the foreground are indicators.  So I set out to find gates, tiled floors and, on an elemental level, the patterns and forms in the frame.  

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